Bali Adventure 2015

3rd Apr 2015

This whirlwind trip began about a year prior when our good friend Karen came back from experiencing it in its first year. It was a yoga retreat set in Ubud, Bali (known to all who have read “Eat, Pray, Love”) that included daily yoga practice onsite plus side quests like white river rafting, monkey forests, shopping, dining, and more. We were in pretty much as soon as she described it to us.

Halloween Decorating 2014

2nd Nov 2014

It started simply enough. I put together a few fall festive items: a leafy table runner, some fall-scented and colored candles, a big leafy wreath on the door, pumpkin ceramics for the shelves, and fresh fall-colored flower bouquets. But something happened one week before Halloween. I started seeing the houses with all the cobwebs and the gravestones and the skeletons and, quite frankly, I snapped. I had to do something spooky in our apartment. Down came warm fall festive and little by little I creeped the place out. Here’s what we accomplished before All Hallow’s Eve hit.

How to Enjoy Comic Con as a Cosplayer’s Sidekick

13th Oct 2014

Cosplay, or for the nongeek layman the art of dressing up in costume to represent a character from popular culture (movies, video games, anime, books, etc.), is one of the best parts of any major comic conventions. The sheer creativity that goes into replicating or interpolating the looks of a character — whether it’s classic, blockbuster, or obscure — is downright awe-inspiring.

I’m always psyched to hear Taran’s character wish list, then I get to watch as it all comes to life right in front of me. Once in a while, I’ll jump onboard, of course. More often than not, though, my desire to be comfortable wins out.

Still, accompanying someone in costume when you’re not has its own challenges. Here are a few tips for my fellow cosplay entouragers.

Black is Back: 6 Foods for My Former Goth Self

11th Sep 2014

You know Halloween spirit is ramping up when black food stories start making the rounds.

Burger King in Japan actually introduced the black-bunned burger two years ago, but it appears they’ve just stepped it up with a black cheese black bun burger with black ketchup.

It’s a specialty item that’s expected to be available for a limited time. As one reader commented on the Kotaku post, this is definitely a “stunt burger.” A quick look at the press it’s already gotten in the last day, however, and it’s safe to say it’s a pretty successful stunt. Successful enough that we’ll ever see this item stateside? Who knows.