I believe words have the power to transform people.

The challenge is making the journey unique, memorable and meaningful. We live in an age of digital dominance and sensory overload. I can help you create a digital presence that rises above the noise.

I’m a content strategist, brand evangelist & storyteller.

I bring two decades of experience across media, corporate, e-commerce and nonprofits to my work. Balancing business acumen with creative innovation, I build and execute content and social media ecosystems that support and amplify my brands’ missions and goals.

Content & Social Strategy

Using competitive analysis, content audits, SEO tracking, social insights and other tactics, I can ensure that your website tells your story, your blog posts engage readers at every stage of your customer journey and your social media creates a sense of community.

Let’s Set Your Strategy!
Content Development

Whether you’re building a new website or relaunching an existing one, I’ll outline the site’s information architecture and taxonomies and establish the workflows, calendars, content creation processes and style guides needed to sustain your ongoing content development.

Let’s Get Your Systems In Place!
Content Creation

With a strong foundation in digital and print journalism, my writing and editing experience is applicable to any format, including articles, blog posts, functional website content, presentations, marketing materials, press releases, internal communications and more. I also manage the creation process for multi-media content such as infographics and videos.

Let’s Make Some Content!