Valentine’s Day is for Suckers

Valentine’s Day is for Suckers

A friend wanted to find a way to do something personal and special for his new lady-friend on Valentine’s Day. The lady in question had recently quit smoking, so his idea was to supply her with a bunch of lollipops in her favorite flavor.

We took the idea to the next level, creating a bouquet of sour apple flavored lollipop shaped as hearts — using sour apple flavoring, green food coloring, a basic lollipop recipe and hard candy heart molds. We turned to Wilton for the lollipop sticks and wrappers (using pinking shears to give them a little extra style. We tied them off with curling ribbon.

The young man shared a series of in-jokes that we printed onto tags in purple and green, the lady’s favorite colors.

We painted an old terra cotta pot in those colors as well as gray using basic acrylic paint, giving it a shot of fun by adding polka dots. We stuffed the pot with styrofoam and arranged the lollipops so that many of the tags would be legible on first glance.

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