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Long Live Adulthood

First God, then rock, now this? According to a story in this week’s New York Times Magazine, adulthood is dead.

Nevermind that “[Concept] is dead” is the academic equivalent of click bait. In this case, the social media headline might read: “A respected New York Times cultural critic makes a bold statement. What he says will surprise you!” Unlike click bait, the content is indeed surprising and even worth reading; it’s also a bit off the mark.

Too Much Robin Williams Still Isn’t Enough

Ten days ago, like what seems like everyone else on the planet, I was overwhelmed with sadness to learn that Robin Williams had taken his own life. Every day since then I’ve thought about posting something about the way I feel, only to realize that words are escaping me. I sat and watched as Taran quickly took up a pen and drew a sad Genie while we watched The Fisher King. I stared at a blank page for a while, then finally decided that when the words were ready, they would come.

Because of what is it?

Starting a post — let alone an entire blog — with an inside joke might be a silly way to try to communicate. The punchline, briefly, is a strange translation from Hebrew to English I encountered at a friend’s annual Passover dinner. It’s meant to mean “Why,” and though only a handful of people out of the 20+ attendees see that version, everyone loves to shout that line out when the time is right… and beyond as it’s become a part of some of our social circle’s everyday vernacular.

Here I’m drawn to it because it’s Why? but it’s also so much more.