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Remembering Prince: music, mischief and our epic phone fight

The reason a lot of my friends are getting in touch with me, sending me notes as if a family member has left me and asking if I’m okay, I think, is because I was blessed to have a special moment with Prince himself. It’s one that taught me that there was a whole other side to a man I thought I knew through his interviews and music and onstage persona. I share it not to brag, though it’s hands down #1 on my most rock’n’roll moments list and it’s certainly the coolest thing that’s ever happened to me. I share it because I think that the experience reinforces what the world is starting to understand about him as an everyday person.

Bali Adventure 2015

This whirlwind trip began about a year prior when our good friend Karen came back from experiencing it in its first year. It was a yoga retreat set in Ubud, Bali (known to all who have read “Eat, Pray, Love”) that included daily yoga practice onsite plus side quests like white river rafting, monkey forests, shopping, dining, and more. We were in pretty much as soon as she described it to us.