Because of what is it?

Because of what is it?

Starting a post — let alone an entire blog — with an inside joke might be a silly way to try to communicate. The punchline, briefly, is a strange translation from Hebrew to English I encountered at a friend’s annual Passover dinner. It’s meant to mean “Why,” and though only a handful of people out of the 20+ attendees see that version, everyone loves to shout that line out when the time is right… and beyond as it’s become a part of some of our social circle’s everyday vernacular.

Here I’m drawn to it because it’s Why? but it’s also so much more.

Why am I suddenly starting a blog? Because I’m a longtime writer and editor who’s currently without a regular outlet. And even when I blog on the job, the scope of my writing is limited by product goals, demographic data, managerial approval, etc.

So, what is it? The scope is simply the “bright shiny objects” that capture my attention, which is to say that I’ll be making it up as I go along or that anything’s fair game. I’d say it’ll be about “whatever,” but that clever bugger John Scalzi scooped that genius effin’ blog name up years ago. And that’s actually one of the reasons it’s taken me so damn long to get this thing rolling. There’s nothing like being creatively paralyzed by the knowledge that nothing you come up with is going to be as good as what you want and can’t have.

So, there it is. And here I go…

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